What does it offer?

For parents
It's an easy read booklet for to give them all the information they may need to ensure compliance with Baby Friendly information requirements

Its divided into 2 sections

Section 1 is for all parents regardless of how they may ultimately feed their baby

  • Making a feeding choice and caring for their new baby
  • The importance of developing a positive relationship with their new baby from in utero, birth and beyond
  • Building strong bonds
  • How a babies brain develops and how to have a positive influence on this
  • Responsive feeding

Section 2 is additional information to help parents consider breastfeeding and help them to successfully breastfeed.

For professionals

  • A reference booklet for staff on the new standards that are required for Baby friendly accreditation
  • It brings several leaflets together in one booklet so trusts need only purchase this
    i.e. Lullaby Trust Keeping your Baby safe. Caring for your baby at night

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0115 9389858 or email: info@rladvertising.co.uk. Only 28 pence each